Konrad Knebel (German, b. 1932), Straße mit Mauer, 1977. Oil tempera on canvas, 60 x 75 cm. Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin.

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Arley Rinehart Associates, House


Lawren Harris:  Algoma Country (1948)

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People often think of fire as a destructive force, and it can be. But fire also rejuvenates the land. Many grasses have evolved root systems that survive fires so they can be renewed, and some trees and other plants have seeds that only germinate after a fire has come through. Plus fires clean out old dead wood and other debris, making it easier for fresh plant life to grow. 

It’s like a picture of the tide coming in, somewhere in the Elemental Chaos.

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Harold John Brothers (American, b. England, 1888–1947), Russian Hill, San Francisco, c.1945, Color stencil print

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Mark Millett, 1981-1982


Balcomb Greene (American, 1904-1990), Counter Point – The Breakers, c.1968. Oil on canvas, 40 x 50 in.

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haven’t posted my view in a while so here’s a reminder that my view is bomb af

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Fabrice Fouillet - Gallery <p></p>